Monday 7 September 2015

Xamaria's vocals dazzle us with their energy and vibrance

Xamaria is a 19 year old alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter who has been performing professionally since she was 10.

It wasn't long till she was writing her own lyrics and she refined her sound thanks to the artists that influenced her, such as Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Her original songs had an Abbaesque vibe to them and Xamaria kept improving her talents both vocally and lyrically.

It was this motivation that led to her getting signed to Indie label Sway More Records in 2014 and shortly after Xamaria unveiled Ring Of Anguish and Lift Me Up, both of which were well received.

She also had the pleasure of performing at established events such as Whale Dreamers Festival and also this year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Ring Of Anguish delivers electro beats and unique but emotive lyrics and Xamaria's vocals dazzle us with their energy and vibrance.

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