Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lozzy See uses her smooth vocals to entertain us with upbeat and emotive lyrics

Laura Clare was born in Tasmania, Australia to artist parents. Her earlier years were spent in a small town called Forest on the north coast. At age 9 she began busking at the Salamanca market in Hobart with a cut out milk carton collecting coins, her talent was whistling. 

As her confidence grew, so did her abilities and by age 11 she was earning up to $500 a week singing the blues. At age 14 she began writing her own music as her voice was too low for most pop songs. With Tracy Chapman as her main influence her style became very focused towards folk. 

For the next 10 years Laura worked on her art and played in local pubs and cafes. In LA in late 2013 she was discovered by a major producer and since has been transformed into the cheeky pop artist that we have all been waiting for. With the look, voice, individuality and all round 'it' factor, this girl is going to be one to watch. 

With a past in indie, Laura blends 80's electro with her 90's style pop voice and folk style lyrics. Her sound is unique to say the least. Its only a matter of time before Laura is topping the charts.

Expensive Love begins with powerful drum beats which transition into a beautiful melody and Lozzy See uses her smooth vocals to entertain us with upbeat and emotive lyrics.

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  1. Lozzy sounds fantastic and it is a shame she isn't uk based as we would love to feature her on our website I see she gigs around places and it would be interesting to hear if she has an opinion on what some UK social clubs do. As in score cards for acts, how welcome is she made to feel at venues etc, does she agree with score cards?
    We mentioned this on one of our blogs at would be great to get an opinon.
    But really enjoyed reading this blog!