Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dyniss's fourth album serves up smooth vocals and melodies that are easy on the ears

Dyniss is a Speaker / Singer/Songwriter who writes custom songs and engages with his audience via mobile phones and microphones - his live performances are like a talk show host using music to ask questions.

Based in Toronto, Canada most of Dyniss's time is spent with medium to large organisations, where he inspires employees through his songs - which convey stories, messages or lessons

Dyniss's fourth album - The Second Fistful is musically unique for two reasons.

Firstly each song is preceded by a speakquel, this is a spoken prequel which describes what the songs are about and secondly, over forty people were interviewed about each song's lyrical theme - these answers have been edited into the music. 

All songs were written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Dyniss.

Iguanas is a beautiful melody with catchy electro beats, smooth vocals and lyrically its aim is for us to accept others. 

There's Something I Want was written with the concept of self improvement in mind and that is reflected in the lyrics, which are delivered alongside a gentle melody.

The Meaning is lyrically about unscientific events, such as pets reuniting with their owners or what Dyniss refers to as the Aha moment and this song addresses that with beautiful lyrics and a delightful melody.

Live Forever is about keeping memories alive by giving importance to names and Dyniss does this beautifully with heartfelt lyrics and catchy beats.

Mirrors And Smoke is the closing topic for the album and addresses mental health and depression, Dyniss describes this song as pure art, with  - it is just that and the guitar riffs are out of this world.

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  1. Interesting. I'll check this guy out.

  2. Thanks for sharing this unique musician with us!