Saturday, 19 September 2015

Abyssinia Afterlife treats us to the eclectic sounds of Black Flower

Black Flower have recently released their album Abyssinia Afterlife via Zeyphrus Records.

Their line up consists of:

Nathan Daems - Composition, Sax and Flute
- Winner of Jong Jazz Talent in 2010

Jon Birdsong - Cornet
- Born in Texas and had the privilege of touring with Beck.

Simon Segers - Drum
- His project De Beren Gieren was selected as one of 2012's top Jazz Records by Focus Knack.

Filip Vandebril - Bass
- His arrangements have earnt him the nickname Earthquake.

Wouter Haest - Keys
- He is a multi instrumentalist but favours the piano.

Solar Eclipse sees Black Flower serve up a haunting arabesque inspired brass arrangement

Upwards (feat Smokey Hormel) is a lively number with a beautiful fusion of guitars and drums.

I threw a lemon at that girl starts of similar to Upwards but then we are treated to a twist on the instrumental front.

Jungle Desert is a fast paced melody with smooth instrumentals.

Winter treats us to a unique blend of instruments and hats off to the delightful sounds of the flute.

Star Fishing has a soulful and jazzy vibe to it.

The Legacy of Prester John is a energetic number with instrumental beats coming thick and fast.

Again I Lost It delivers a eclectic mix of instrumental melodies.

Abyssinia Afterlife wraps up the eclectic sounds of Black Flower with an avant garde melody.

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