Thursday, 16 April 2015

Taylor Casey delivers first class vocals, entertaining instruments and intelligent lyrics

23 Year Old Taylor Casey's first music release features a Grammy nominated songwriter as well as studio support from Billy Joel's rhythm section.

Last year saw the Californian local pass his time as a hobbyist musician in between surfing and studying for his degree in Business Administration, the skills which he put to good use.

As soon as Taylor recorded the EP he was once again bitten by the travel bug, which this time navigated him to Austin, Texas.

Heaven Knows is a catchy and upbeat melody, this tune wouldn't be out of place as the theme tune to an American Sitcom.

The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is another positive and delightful number

The Kindness Of Others dazzles us with the pleasant sound of the harmonica and Taylor's first class vocal performance.

Holy Water has a rock feel to it as Taylor delivers another corker of a track, from entertaining instruments to intelligent lyrics.

Taylor wraps up the EP with the rock and roll flavoured If I Die Tomorrow and I couldn't think of a better way to bring an end to the musical proceedings then with this belter of a song.

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