Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Foam Ropes entertains us with powerful vocals, catchy melodic beats and deep and heartfelt lyrics

Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Derek Nicoletto found himself in a rut and it was then he decided to take a time out from music to follow his life long dream and study acting.

Time away from the studio saw him explore more of his artistic nature and now he is back with his latest project Foam Ropes.

Foam Ropes debut release is the self titled album, which features 9 tracks and is set for release on Wednesday, 29th of April.

Truth In Fables entertains us with powerful vocals, catchy melodic beats and deep and heartfelt lyrics.

Potion Me Well dazzles our senses with energetic instrumentals and rocktastic vocals.

Telescope is a smoother melody with a slower tempo, delightful vocals and a beautiful instrumental arrangement that's perfect for chilling out to.

On Celery Road brings out the bass, as well as catchy beats, killer guitar riffs and another outstanding rockstar performance.

You Have Loving Fun is another smooth tune not only with a first class vocal performance but also a captivating melody.

Birches serves up heartbreaking lyrics, which are intertwined with a radiant melody.

Beauty Number Nine is chock full of killer riffs, energetic beats and cranked up vocals.

Bad Apples is a somber melody mainly because of the lyrical content and also the slower tempo.

Foam Ropes concludes the album with a reworking of track 3, Derek gives this last track his all with beautiful and heartfelt lyrics surrounded by a delightful instrumental arrangement.

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