Friday, 17 April 2015

S.J Tucker entertains us with silky smooth vocals and catchy beats

S.J Tucker launched her music career over a decade ago, since then she has over ten albums to her name and a few more in the pipeline.

Her music has not only seen her win numerous songwriting awards but also the opportunity to take her music overseas to Europe.

Outside of music her interests include fire dancing and she also works as a professional audio book narrator.

This year begins with the release of a new album - Stolen Season which delves deeply into her Mississippi Delta Jazz and Blue Roots like never before, plus soon to follow is a illustrated book based on her Wendy and Peter Pan songs (with an album to follow soon after) , a Myths and Literature themed song collection - Storm Chaser and the long awaited follow up to her spiritually focused Blessings Album called Rootless.

Black Swan Blues opens the album with silky smooth vocals and catchy beats.

Despite Dream of Mississippi's semi somber feel, SJ's vocals are sublime and the lyrics are pure gold.

Sultry Summer Night is a musical work of art thanks to the beautiful instrumentals and mesmerizing vocals.

Believe in Lullabies has a Jazzy feel to it, thumbs up to the elegant piano melody.

Girl Into Devil (I Belong To Me) is a lyrical masterpiece and the fusion of instruments is simply outstanding.

Wild River Child has a slower pace to it but is still a delight to the ears thanks to Sooj's vocal delivery and the haunting instrumental melody.

Temptress features a smooth blend of instrumentals alongside beautiful lyrics.

Stolen Season entertains us with a delightful mix of instrumental melodies and elegant vocals.

Handsome Rogue is a exquisite song with calming lyrics and gentle instrumentals.

Little Bird is a upbeat song with its catchy melody and its motivational lyrics.

Believe In Lullabies (After Hours) concludes musical proceedings with another outstanding instrumental arrangement and S.J's wondrous vocal performance.

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