Friday, 17 April 2015

Bullyheart delivers a flawless vocal performance and the lyrics chock full of raw emotion

Bullyheart is the brain child of recording artist Holly Long, a musical alter ego which has been two years in the making thanks to David Boucher and Kevin Harp.

Anti Gravity begins with energetic beats and equally energetic vocals.

Thin Air is slightly laid back in comparison to Anti Gravity but is just as captivating and thumbs up to the choice of instruments.

No Pleasing You sounds like a mix of a Meredith Brooks and Sheryl Crow melody and this isn't a bad thing.

How Was I To Know also has a chilled and stripped back vibe to it whilst also delivering catchy beats and powerful vocals.

Lost My Nerve once again showcases a unique instrumental arrangement, Holly's vocal performance is flawless and the lyrics are chock full of raw emotion.

Panic Attack serves up supercharged beats and lightning fast vocals, this track effortlessly demonstrates Holly's musical adaptability.

The Pendulum has a somber feel to it due to the slow tempo and choice of key but Holly uses her lyrical prowess to tell a heartfelt story through her music.

Shaken has a cheerful vibe to it, thanks to the mood lifting lyrics and positive feel of the captivating beats.

There Goes My Man also has a upbeat feel to it thanks to a first class vocal performance, emotive lyrics and beats that entertain from start to finish.

Stay concludes this splendid album with an acoustic number which serves up a subtle instrumental arrangement alongside Holly's beautiful vocals.

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