Friday, 21 November 2014

The soulful sounds of Ruth Willow

Ruth Willow is a singer/songwriter, originally from Lancashire she now resides in Liverpool.

Vocally Ruth is a combination of Claire Louise of Sister Sidney and the great Heather Small plus musically Ruth Willow and Sister Sidney are similar.

November 4 saw the release of her debut EP - Heart Requiem, which she describes as unique and contemporary as its kept heartfelt due to its stripped back nature.

Heart Requiem is six tracks of amazing music - vocally, lyrically and melodically flawless.

Hollow is a lively and upbeat melody and Ruth's vocals mesmerize from the get go.

Heart Requiem features a catchy guitar arrangement and lyrics that are both beautiful and heartfelt in equal proportion.

Lone Ranger entertains us with a beautiful melody and smooth vocals.

Whirlwind Romance isn't as upbeat as the tracks that precede it but once you immerse yourself in the lyrics you quickly realize why as this is a song about heartbreak.

You begins with a catchy bass riff and lyrically this is another heartfelt tune.

Fairytales demonstrates that Ruth is just as good in a stripped back acoustic setting, with tantalizing harmonies and powerful vocals.

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