Tuesday 11 November 2014

20 years since their first foray into music Perren Street Parade finally unveil their debut album

Perren Street Parade began in the late 80s following an advert in Melody Maker, after extensive rehearsals, a demo produced by Tony Cohen (who some of you may recognise from his work with The Birthday Party) and interest from Creation Records no gigs or releases ever came to light.

2+ Decades later and the band are no more as at some point they went their separate ways with the drummer having become both a successful painter and also a musician with Gun Club.

Two of the founding members Pete West and Colin Read got back together to record the long over due debut album. 

Murmurs & Moans is a beautiful melody with mesmerizing vocals and lively beats.

Is There A Place Left In is a nostalgic tune, as it reflects back to past loves with its emotive lyrics and delightful instrumental arrangement.

Holes In The Sky is a fast paced song with a wonderful assortment of instruments alongside sad lyrics.

Far From The Maddening Crowd begins with a sublime intro and the lyrics have the same nostalgic feel to them as in Is There A Place Left except here there is more of a melancholy feel to things.

Remembrance Day has a haunting feel to it at the start but this quickly transforms into something more upbeat.

Runaway is full of addictive beats and smooth lyrics.

Shiver's aquatic intro is calming and the melodic beats that follow go hand in hand with the dreamy sounding vocals.

This Is Our Day is another haunting melody, but it is also interspersed with some catchy instrumental hooks.

Never Again has kind of a retro feel to it alongside some exquisite instrumentals.

Lions In The Playground captivates us with its synthesised beats.

From the beginning Black Dog Days sets the mood for a downbeat song, even though it feels upbeat the lyrics are bleak.

The Lighthouse includes the harmonica, which contributes to the haunting tune and sad lyrics - this track feels a bit bluesy.

Everything You Did is another bluesy number but more upbeat then The Lighthouse in terms of the beat however the lyrics are truly heartfelt.

Its taken 20+ years but Pete and Colin have given the album their all and present to us 13 wondrous tracks.

Website - http://www.perrenstreetparade.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/perrenstparade

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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