Thursday 6 November 2014

All The Channels In Between features the smooth sounds of The Slack Tide

The Slack Tide presents seven tracks of musical goodness.

Change features some cool vocals and catchy guitar riffs.

Bedpost is more of a laid back number but I love the instrumental arrangement especially towards the end of the song as it's taken up a notch.

Honey Suckle Rose is a heartfelt song as reflected by its lyrics and its full to the brim with addictive beats.

Bigger Love begins is a smooth melody and also down to earth lyrics, but halfway through it briefly transforms into a rock song.

Casino is a more up beat tune with a lightning fast instrumental arrangement, got to love the piano segment and the closer guitar sequence.

Schoolyard Brawl features catchy instrumental hooks such as its percussion beats and along with the vocals this track has a rock and roll feel to it.

Shake Your Mind is another upbeat number with beats you can't ignore as well as entertaining vocals.

Originally from Long Beach, New York The Slack Tide released their debut album All The Channels In Between - inspiration for which came from Hurricane Sandy that wrecked their community, prior to the storm the Band Members took shelter in Manhattan.

With no power and only Beer and Tequila at hand they wrote for three days non stop and a year later they recorded their material and this album is the result.

The Band consist of :

Lead Singer/Guitarist - Rory Thompson
Guitarist - Dave Delaney
Bassist - Hank Dixon
Drummer - Tommy Walsh
Keyboardist - Dave Lynch

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Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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