Sunday 23 November 2014

Crazy Old Maurice deliver beautiful vocals and catchy beats

Crazy Old Maurice hail from Newcastle, Australia, this musical trio came together in 2011 to entertain us with tunes ranging from sultry blues to electro dance and everything in between, combine this with killer harmonies, female vocals reminiscent of the late and great Amy Winehouse and razor sharp lyrics immersed with emotions and you'll know just what to expect.

The band's line up is Caitlin O'Reilly on Keyboards and Vocals, Tim Evans on Drums and Mike Collins on Double Bass.

Crazy Old Maurice have already toured extensively from far afield as Finland and Morocco and even locally at the Yurora Festival in Sydney and they have also supported the likes of Mustered Courage, Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens and Grandmaster Monk.

November saw the release of their 6 track debut EP - The Empty Glimmer

The Empty Glimmer, which is also track 1 of the EP features delightful instrumentals and unique but beautiful vocals courtesy of Caitlin - what a perfect tonic for this gloomy Sunday morning.

The piano arrangement and laid back vocals come together to make This Broken Town a beautiful melody.

Another Day kicks off with an interesting mix of instrumental beats, including the steel drum.

Lullaby of Light and Shade is a catchy tune with beautiful lyrics and subtle beats, thumbs up to the lively brass arrangement.

Sacred Ground dazzles us with guitar riffs and Caitlin's vocals are as elegant as always and she cranks up the decibels to deliver a performance that would make a rockstar proud.

The beauty of Are You There For Me? is its slow paced rhythm combined with soothing vocals and the calming sound of the piano.

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