Thursday 26 June 2014

The Soulfully voiced Kat Eaton dazzles us with a Live EP

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Kat Eaton, who I had the pleasure of recently seeing perform live has just released her live EP - entitled Kat Eaton Live OntSofa at the Foundry.

Don't Paint It Black features a upbeat instrumental and powerful vocals courtesy of Kat, her voice is soulful and she captivates her audience without even breaking a sweat.

Tightrope is a more laidback number but the performance will still leave you wanting more, her lyrics are heartfelt and are delivered straight from the soul.

Coming Home is another musical gem with a wonderful guitar arrangement, Kat's voice is simply out of this world and I love the way the other instruments are arranged.

Alien features a slow piano melody, catchy percussion beats and unique lyrics from the songwriting genius that is Kat Eaton, plus the guitar arrangement is smooth and the vocal performance towards the end of the song is phenomenal.

Giving It Up begins with a energetic intro, which continues alongside Kat's delightful voice.

Kat Eaton is a outstanding vocalist and support by a equally talented band ensures that this live EP is truly a musical work of art, every track shines its own unique and inimitable style.

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