Thursday 23 January 2014

Time to rock out with The Young Rochelles

Cannibal Island features four rock intense tracks, courtesy of The Young Rochelles.

The band go all out instrumentally that you'll be guaranteed to still be head banging and rocking out hours after you listened to this EP.

My favourite track has to be Cannibal Island because of the way the band's vocals harmonize together and also as the guitar riffs are so addictive. The rocktastic intro to S.L.O.T.H pt II is out of this world.

The Young Rochelles are a punk rock band who formed in January 2013 ; they hail from New York and are made up of Ricky who is the lead vocalist and drummer, their bass guitarist Rookie and finally the backup vocalist / electric guitarist Ray Jay.

The Band are currently signed to

Their musical influences include Kate Rambeau and when they're not busy in the studio their pastimes include Ghost Hunting and watching Adam Sandler movies.

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