Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Introducing the beautiful sound of Resonance

Think of Resonance as a musical menu, on the one hand you have Radhika's solo performances which sometimes feature an accompanying guitarist.

Consider this as the starter and this is demonstrated in their EP - If the fires they burn too bright, which was released in 2012. Radhika's silk like vocals are simply sublime, additionally she is also one very talented musician. These kind of performances although laidback still manage to captivate.

As Radhika's solo work was the starter then when all the band feature you get the main course, this results in a style of music which is full of funky guitar riffs and features a far more lively sound. This is demonstrated in the live performance of Winner - http://youtu.be/rQiNUYSpzjU 

Resonance's musical variety is the icing on the cake you're just about to order from the desserts menu. No matter whether you like slow moving laidback acoustic tracks or something with a bit more of a musical kick Radhika and Resonance are more than capable of delivering both.

We gotten to know her music so now to find out how she got to where she is today.

Radhika's musical journey up to this point has certainly been a fun one, for at the age of seven she was inspired to take up singing by U2's legendary and award winning front man Bono.

Not only do her talents lie in music but she also graduated University in Physics and Philosopy and shortly after developed an interest for law., Radhika left her legal training behind her and started song writing shortly after she was on stage with her guitar and this was the birth of Resonance.

Resonance have performed in numerous venues both in the UK also internationally including far afield as Singapore, the band have also had the prestigious honour of making the short list for MTV's Brand New Unsigned List for 2014.

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