Thursday, 9 January 2014

Introducing Electro Rock Duo Junksista

Here is Life is Unfair (and Love is a Bitch), which is the first single from Junksista’s debut album. The song opens with a catchy beat and I love the instrumental arrangement that kicks in a minute into the tune.

Interesting use of the Little Red Riding Hood motif as well as the deep meaning of the lyrics about coolness and happiness, plus how life can be unfair was also interesting.

The music video is disturbing towards the end but having said that their female vocalist Diana certainly has a great voice.

This is the first single from Junksista’s recently released album Bad Case of Fabulous – The Bonus Tracks edition, which contains a total of 37 tracks.

Junksista’s debut album is chock full of candid lyrics, killer instrumental beats and outstanding remixes.

It was a difficult choice for me to make because the album contains so many musical gems but when push came to shove I had no choice but to nominate Devour Your Heart as my favourite and this was mainly in part due to the addictive instrumental beats.

This album is definitely not for the faint hearted as Junksista aren’t shy when it comes to their typical content, which is explicit in places. As we now have a feel for their music it’s time to find out exactly who the band is.

When two old friends with differing musical tastes and backgrounds decide to collaborate musically, the outcome can only be contradictory and that’s exactly what happened with electro addict Diana and talented guitarist/studio engineer Boog. The South German double act offer catchy electro tunes and mind blowing guitar riffs.

Junksista’s musical spectrum knows no bounds as they handle all genres ranging from Garbage to 80s dance to laidback electro. Boog’s first class production skills are like gold dust when combined with Diana’s artistic skills, especially when it results in intense electro rock.

The electro rock duo is currently signed to Belgian Record Label Alfa Matrix.

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