Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Beautiful Poppy Vocals of Emma Stevens

Emma's vocals are musical sunshine and her instrumental mastery is purely magnetic. 

Riptide is a corker of a melody and will no doubt get your foot stomping away to the catchy instrumental hooks and fast tempo , plus the lyrics follow suit.

Emma's musical journey began when she got a guitar at the age of 3 as she was enchanted by her mum's playing. She was always singing and wanted to join in and play, so it wasn't long till her parents realised music would play a big part in her destiny.

She learnt how to play other instruments and music played a big part of her life outside of school and Emma even joined the Surrey Youth Orchestra. Whenever the opportunity presented itself she was creating music and also writing poems.

Emma's thirst for musical knowledge led her to enroll in the Academy of Contemporary Music, where she studied guitar and performance - this boosted her confidence as a performer and was invaluable to her as a songwriter.

As her skills developed it wasn't long before she was playing for artists and bands, this led to her touring internationally with the likes of The Kooks, Feeder and Incubus. Emma would perform at Arena style venues to crowds of 20,000 a night, so her experience in performing grew in leaps and bounds.

Now was the perfect time to launch her career, things on the songwriting front really took off once she was discovered by music manager Bob James and this led to her working with established singers and lyricists across the globe and also resulted in frequent trips to LA, Nashville and Europe.

Emma's music has been featured both on the BBC and ITV and she has also worked with the likes of Kate Nash and Passenger. 

Music also helped Emma cope with the tragic loss of her Mum to Cancer, as she prepared 4 EPs each with its own unique cover which her Mum designed and when combined they create a beautiful painting.

Musically Emma is versed in Guitar, Piano, Cello, Ukelele, Banjo, Mandolin, Percussion and Baritone Guitar - all four EPs showcase her instrumental broadness.

Website - www.emmastevensmusic.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/estevensmusic?fref=ts

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