Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Suburban Vermin recreates the sound of classic punk music from yesteryear, specifically The Ramones and The Clash

Suburban Vermin are a long running Independent Punk Rock band from Seattle and they are getting ready to release their new and full length album - Headless Over Heals.

The band's line up is made up of Amanda Gamino and Jason Vermin, Greg Gibson who featured on the album has since left the band.

Suburban Vermin's sound has been compared to the classic punk of yesteryear, specifically The Ramones and The Clash.

The album features eleven original tracks and a cover of What's Up, which was originally performed by the 4 Non Blondes, you can expect it to land on virtual shelves during the summer.

Headless Over Heels features lightning fast guitar riffs and vocals which are delivered in overdrive.

Burnin' Love serves up killer riffs and a supercharged vocal and instrumental performance.

Metal Alice is chock full of electrifying instrumentals particularly in the percussion segment.

Od'ing On You wows us with the bass guitar arrangement and the vocals are simply rocktastic.

Oh Gia is full to the brim with angsty lyrics and captivating guitar riffs.

Lady Holiday serves up powerful beats, a catchy melody and emotive verses.

Last Laugh features a instrumental arrangement that is simply breathtakingly awesome from start to finish.

Hollywood Dazzles us with more awesome bass guitar riffs.

Drunken Amazement treats us to electrifying beats and a energetic vocal performance.

Emma reels us in with a lively performance all across the board.

Walk Away has a more somber feel to it but the instrumentals and vocals are still a real treat.

Suburban Vermin wrap up their captivating album by putting their own punktastic spin on the 4 Non Blondes Classic What's Up.

Website - http://www.suburbanvermin.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/suburbanvermin?fref=ts
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