Friday, 10 July 2015

Let's Be Light deliver an outstanding vocal performance and the harmonies and lyrics are simply sublime

Let's Be Light are a Norwegian duo who unveiled their debut EP in November 2011 and this resulted them in gaining a lot of attention.

In February 2012 their song Man won untouched song of the week on Norwegian's National Radio Station NKR.

The duo then teamed up with BISI Music to release a few singles and they are now working on their debut album.

Let's Be Light entertain us with 9 tracks which showcase beautiful vocals, catchy beats and 
captivating melodies.

Looking For The Sun delivers a outstanding vocal performance and the harmonies and lyrics are simply sublime.

In Game the vocals have an ethereal quality to them and the subtle beats are a real delight.

Closure features a catchy electro pop melody and an upbeat vocal arrangement.

Lost Control serves up gentle percussion beats and soothing vocals.

Escape is a fusion of heavy beats, ethereal synth and a powerful vocal performance.

Surrender has a similar feel to Escape but with less of an ethereal feel to it and it also delivers energetic vocals.

Wind delivers mesmerizing vocals alongside gritty sounding beats, which transform into beautiful melodies.

Cooling-Off period dazzles us with fast beats and laid back vocals.

Fade Away wraps up this album with a laid back tune which treats us to the full vocal talent of this double act and the instrumental arrangement is a real delight to the ears.

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