Friday 24 July 2015

2015 sees the return of Gölden Palace for their 10th anniversary

Gölden Palace's musical journey began in 2001 with the Punk Rock band 5th March, which consisted of Alex Goss, Joseph Kimbrell and Johnny Emmel and during their time together they performed in the Charleston area but after their high school graduation in 2003 the band disbanded.

A year later and motivated by their love of Punk Rock, Beach Music, Hair Metal and Vodka came Gölden Palace.

With practically the same line up as before and Graham Spees on Bass, it wasn't long before they were gaining popularity in Charleston. Their music is reminiscent of Thin Lizzy, Nofx and even Motley Crue 

2010 saw Joseph move to Europe, where he started making a name for himself as a Singer/Songwriter and in 2011 he was front man to hair metal band SEKS and in 2013 he launched a solo career under the stage name of Vitne.

In Charleston, Alex, Johnny and Andy formed a Classic / Roots Rock band Savage Tongues and they are still performing.

2015 sees the return of Gölden Palace for their 10th anniversary, they have released a 10 track album - A Little Rock N' Roll and are also planning a new EP and a reunion concert, this is the first time they have performed together in 6 years.

Is It A Crime? delivers killer chords straight to our ears and the vocals are on point.

Summer Song treats us to a catchy melody with a upbeat vibe.

Sheets Of Fire serves up energetic rock beats and powerful verses.

A Little Rock N' Roll showcases a smooth instrumental arrangement and the vocals and lyrics are spot on.

I Wanna Be In Love brings heavy beats and heart felt lyrics into play.

Paradise is a powerful melody with killer beats and a riveting vocal performance.

Right Now has a uplifting instrumental arrangement but the lyrics are somber so this is a emotional conundrum however the reggae beats are sublime.

Wild Irish Rose has a beautiful feel to it thanks to the exquisite instrumentals and the verses are a real joy to listen to.

Saving Sage features a super charged instrumental arrangement and lyrics that pack an emotional punch.

Still Here concludes Gölden Palace's anniversary celebrations with a musically delightful track that dazzles us with exquisite melodic hooks.

This album is a wonderful celebration of Gölden Palace's musical journey as it features ten rocktastic tracks, my favourite of which is Wild Irish Rose.

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