Monday 4 August 2014

The rockin' beats of Red Monday land on the 9th of August

Jim Miller - the creative talent behind Red Monday has been a songwriter/musician for most of his life, however the inspiration for this music project took place two years ago.

Whilst attending a music event he connected with old musician friends including his former band mates, this included Rick Harris and a few days later he was reacquainted with his old drummer friend Mike McCarron. Jim was then inspired to pick up his guitar and to also start song writing again.

These days due to the Indie music movement the music industry is now more of a level playing field as musicians don't always need a record company to get their music heard - this is mainly because the internet has made music distribution accessible to a wider audience.

It was for these two reasons that Jim was able to not only form Red Monday but to also officially schedule the release of their debut CD for August the 9th.

Their self titled debut CD features 12 tracks of energetic beats, addictive instrumentals and powerful vocals all of which will be guaranteed to captivate you.

I couldn't really choose a favourite track due to the musical brilliance of Red Memory but instead I included the tracks that stood out the most to me, so a round of applause to the talented musicians that make up this impressive musical collective.

Rick Harris - Lead Vocals
Mike McCarron - Drums, Percussions and Backing Vocals
Jeff Kylloe - Bass
Jim Miller - Producer, Songwriter, Guitars and Backing Vocals

Time (It's About Time) features a smooth guitar arrangement.

Closer begins with a delightful instrumental intro, which regularly resurfaces throughout the track.

Why Should I Lie opens with a slower intro featuring the delightful tones of a piano.

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