Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The powerful vocals of 16 year old singing sensation Scarlet Lee will leave you astounded

At the tender age of sixteen, Scarlett Lee effortlessly capivated music lovers through her amazing live performances, her supercharged voice and emotive lyrics will leave you wanting more.

Having already made a name for herself on the live music circuit and following up on the success of her youtube release Just Friends, Scarlett decided now is the perfect time to unveil her debut EP to the world so without further delay here's Love, Lipstick and Lies.

This EP features three tracks of stunning vocals, deep and meaningful lyrics and first class production values.

Loving You is a lyrically powerful song, which Scarlett brings to life with ease and the brass parts of the instrumental arrangement are simply sublime.

Diamonds and Pearls opens with a beautiful piano complimented by amazing vocals, this tune depicts a true fairytale romance.

It was only fitting that Scarlett Lee left the icing on the cake that is Red Bottom Heels till last.

This track is more upbeat thanks to funky beats, a quicker tempo and catchy lyrics.

Love, Lies and Lipstick is three tracks, each of which makes Scarlett's debut EP something truly memorable as each brings something unique to the mix.

If you're impressed by Scarlett's musical offerings be sure to pop along and see her performing live at Charlie Wrights on Wednesday, September 10th.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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