Sunday 3 November 2013

Introducing Dora Martin

Coalition -

Dora Martin are a recently formed double act consisting of Jermaine Riley and Cherri Voncelle, both of whom are established musical acts in their own right.

Jermaine Riley is a British singer/songwriter and already has numerous albums to his name. 

As a big fan of Smallville (the TV Show), I particularly like his song of the same name.

Cherri Voncelle is a unstoppable force when it comes to her vocal abilities, with not only The Show but also in her reworking of the Lenny Kravitz classic Fly Away.

The Show -

Fly Away -

Dora Martin have recently released their debut EP Coalition.

Coalition launches with Love Insaniac with great vocals from the duo and I particularly loved the piano segments. Skyline is a catchy tune but the instrumentals slightly overshadows the vocals.

Soldier has a beautiful intro and Cherriv's vocals are beautiful as ever, Jermaine and Cherriv are a first class musical double act. Black History features great lyrics which are effortlessly performed by Jermaine and Cherriv.

Blind Man Treasure is a gem of a tune, Jermaine's soulful vocals work best here and the instrumental arrangement is spot on. Having it as the last track was a great choice and it's without a doubt the best song on the EP.

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