Monday, 27 May 2013

London Expo 2013

The entertainment of London Expo started from the train journey with the driver making humorous comments at the cosplayers.

Despite the exhausting queue to enter London Expo, I did meet and got chatting to some nice people from Northampton.

The first autograph I queued up for was from Hannah Spearritt, who most of you should know from either Primeval or S Club 7.

I also had the opportunity to have a chat with her about what her next project will be and she reckons it'll be more TV work and I was also fortunate enough to have a photo taken as well.

I then had time to spare until Jane Espenson started signing autographs so I had a wander around and took the opportunity to take photographs of some of the many cosplayers that were in attendance at the event.


One of the cosplayers in particular was a favourite of mine as he was dressed as Captain Marvelous from the Japanese TV Show Gokaiger.

We had a chat about Sentai and also Power Rangers Megaforce plus Saban's lack of foresight in regards to Super Megaforce.

I asked him if he had ever been to Morphicon and he said yes and he told me that Erin Cahill wished him happy birthday, we then said bye and I went to queue up to get my next autograph from Jane.

Jane Espenson is most known as one of the producers of hit american TV Shows such as Buffy, Dollhouse and Once Upon A Time.

Whilst in the queue I admired the outfit of a girl who was cosplaying as Buffy and I asked if I could take a photo, to which she kindly said yes.

I should have really bought one of my Buffy books for Jane to autograph instead, however for fans of Buffy she was giving bracelets which promoted the Buffy comics.

I was also fortunate enough to get a photo with Jane and as a really big fan of Buffy this was awesome.

All in all it was a great day and I look forward to attending the 50th anniversary Doctor Who convention in November and ultimately Power Morphicon 4 in August 2014.

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