Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spoilers - Doctor Who - The Name of the Doctor

Here are my thoughts on the series finale of Season 7 of Doctor Who, please note this review contains spoilers.

As a long time fan of the show the pre-title scenes of when the First Doctor stole the Tardis from Gallifrey and also the following montage of Clara encountering other past Doctors was delightful to watch especially as it was a homage of sorts to Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Trials and Tribble-ations.

How the prisoner knew of the Space-time coordinates of Trenzalore has yet to be explained, so hopefully that'll be something to look forward to.

The concept of a dream conversation through time and space was an interesting one and it was great to see River Song again.

Jenny's fear as the chilling Whispermen invade the house was a fine performance by Catrin Stewart.

The Whisperman were reminiscent of the Gentlemen from Buffy but far more terrifying.

It was good to see the Great Intelligence back in the form of Mr Simeon, but it wasn't explained how the Great Intelligence and his group could time travel.

The idea of the Tardis as the Doctor's final resting place was quite poetic.

I loved the references to the Doctor's past adventures, i.e. the Sycorax and Androzani .

Clara remembering the non existent timeline from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS was a nice touch.

The Doctor's death this time round was more emotionally intense then The Impossible Astronaut, but this may have been down to Simeon's speech.

The impact to the timeline as the Doctor ceased to exist was also emotionally charged, especially as Strax turned on Madame Vastra.

I loved the scene where Clara tells the First Doctor which Tardis to steal.

Matt and Alex's scenes together are always a tour de force and they have great chemistry together, it would be great to see them work together elsewhere plus their farewell scene was equally memorable.

I believe the Name of the Doctor is a reference to whatever happened between our Doctor and the Doctor portrayed by John Hurt and that is definitely something to look forward to during the 50th anniversary special.

Is John Hurt's Doctor, one that existed between the 8th and 9th Doctors and could it somehow involve the time war and the establishment of the timelock on Gallifrey, who knows but one thing is sure only time will tell, so roll on November the 23rd.

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