Monday, 6 May 2013

Introducing SunRize

I would like to introduce you to a recently formed group called SunRize .

They are a two piece group, Sheryl Mehmet ( @SherylMarch on twitter) is the vocalist and Lea Rogers ( @leageetar on twitter) is the Guitarist.

Here is their Be On The Scene profile page - Sunrize

Whilst they perform a few original songs, they mainly cover 90s Soul classics such as Sade.

If you scroll down to the My Music section of their Be On The Scene Profile page, you can hear their versions of Sweetest Taboo and Like A Star.

All Sheryl would like to do is get the opportunity to gig as much as possible.

If anyone is interested in booking them to perform at your event, please contact either @SherylMarch or @Leageetar via twitter, thank you.

At the moment SunRize duo have entered into a Music Contest - Be On The Scene's Music Contest .

There are 3 rounds of voting remaining and each round lasts a week.

You are entitled to 3 votes a day per computer / smartphone and it is possible to use all 3 votes at once.

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