Monday, 1 February 2016

When The Clock Strikes specialise in prominent melodies, distinct guitars and emotionally charged lyrics

When The Clock Strikes are a Alternative Punk Trio from Oklahoma, musically they favour high BPMs hence their specialization in upbeat tunes with prominent melodies, distinct guitars and emotionally charged lyrics.

Their debut EP Glowing In The Dark was released in November 2014 and they have recently released their third EP - The Better Friends which showcases four tracks and a remix.

Too Many Cooks serves up lightning fast and energized melodies along side revved up vocals.

Better Friends (from a distance) delivers guitar riffs at the speed of light and both the lyrics and overall melody have a unique charm to them.

Fair Weather treats us to powerful bass and heavy beats.

Redemption has a raw punk sound to it as When The Clock Strikes goes all out to deliver a tune overflowing with powerful instrumentals.

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