Sunday 7 February 2016

K-Flicka's hip hop rhymes entertain at multiple levels and appeal to a broader hip hop audience

K-Flicka's hip hop rhymes entertain at multiple levels with smooth vocals, slick rhymes and multi layered verses that appeal to a broader hip hop audience and whilst I couldn't choose a favourite track from the five songs covered, I assure you they will entertain hip hop aficionados so sit back, chill out and enjoy them: Running, Mile Hill Muzik, Flicka's Theme, Faded and I.D.G.F.

Dana Avant Jr aka K-Flicka was born and raised in Chicago and his love for rap began from an early age after he had listened to Pop Goes The Weasel by 3rd Bass.

He was then introduced to other music genres by his parents and older sister, these included Rock, Jazz and RnB.

At 11 he took rap more seriously and this led to him and his friends forming The Uptown Shorties and the catchy punchlines he delivered during freestyle battles made Dana realise he had potential.

His friend William Adrian Harris introduced him to Richman Entertainment, which led to the duo forming Creativ Grind and together they released an album and also featured on several mixtapes including No Struggle No Progress Volumes 1 and 2.

Dana took time out from rap due to personal reasons but is now back as a solo artist and drawing on influences both on the musical variety in the form of Jay-Z, DMX, 2Pac and Notorious Big and also on a more personal influence from his mum has led to him continuing to develope his musical talent.

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