Saturday, 5 July 2014

Today sees the release of Indie Rocker Way José's Newest EP - Stay In The Light

The Wind Came Up utilises an ecletic mix of instruments alongside truly beautiful vocals and the accompanying music video features imaginative visuals.

Broken is full of deep lyrics over a combination of both smooth and powerful instrumentals, which are Jazzy in places.

Stay In The Light begins with a delightful melody, which morphs into a tune which is haunting at and yet still manages to also be upbeat - this is thanks to the combination of woodwind, vocals and guitar.

The Humbling Hum starts with an eclectic intro courtesy of unique instrumental beats and breathtaking vocals and love the guitar riffs towards the end of the song.

Buck's Intro is simply exquisite even though this song is more somber then the other tracks, however the instrumental arrangement is still fresh and entertaining.

Way José is the solo project of musician/producer Daniel DaMento and it is an assortment of psychedelic Indie Rock with Latin influences.

Daniel has bought on board many other talented musicians, which include the likes of Feather Bright, Wildhawk plus there are also poets and photographers involved with this project.

The buzz behind Stay In The Light has been staggering so far with airplay on both the West Coast of the USA and also in London and if that wasn't enough The Humbling Hum wil appear on a Bravo Channel DocuDrama.

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