Saturday 12 July 2014

Mountainear featuring the delightful vocals of Becky Browne

Distant Camps is a beautiful pop song with the delightful vocals of Becky Browne and also the catchy and atmospheric mix of beats that come together to make a outstanding instrumental arrangement. This single will be available for purchase from Monday, 14th July.

The start of 2014 saw the free release of their first ever track Down The Line, which was described by blogs as "The Twinkliest Dream Pop you'll hear all year."

The's band line up includes three drummers with a passion for percussion and they use rare vintage instruments from Japanese Taiko Drums to Egyptian Tambourines which they combine with more popular instruments.

Becky Browne - Lead Vocals and Drums
Louise Morgan - Vibraphone and Backing Vocals
Zands Duggan - Drum Kits, Hand Percussion and Backing Vocals

After Solo Projects which saw the trio work with the likes of Lady Gaga and the Royal Philharmonic they combined their talents and thus their debut single Distant Camps was born.

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