Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tis the season to get Musical

Everyone has their favourite Christmas Songs be it classics such as Walking In A Wonderland by 60s Crooner Dean Martin, Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone or Wham's Last Christmas or even the out of place Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine.

We're all used to those traditional Christmas classics, because I can think of no better time then to introduce you all to reworkings of a few classics.

First on offer are Mad World originally performed by Gary Jules/Fears For Tears and the Wham Classic Last Christmas.


The beautifully voiced Jasmine Thompson gives her unique interpretation to these popular Xmas Tunes.

Mad World is a Sombre Song but Jasmine's version provides an extra layer of poignancy to it, she then goes more upbeat with the classic top 10 hit by Wham. The song is made all the more beautiful thanks to the music video which accompanies it.

For our next song I've gone for the jovial Christmas Ditty I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Musical newcomers Verity and Violet.

This is a humourous and uplifting tune, which effortlessly introduces the old style of vintage singing to a new generation.

Verity and Violet are Verity Swannell (Jessica Dolman) and Violet Kingsley (Loui Lawson), Loui Lawson is probably best known as portraying Sarah Barnes on Channel 4 Soap Opera Hollyoaks.

However as sad as it is Christmas isn't always a time of happiness so whilst we're tucking into lunch and opening our prezzies, we should spare a thought to the less fortunate such as the homeless.

This leads me to Ben Williams charity single - Too Cold For Snow, which was released on Monday the 16th and proceeds from sales will go to the homeless charity Centrepoint.

The song opens with beautiful vocals and moving lyrics and the instrumental arrangement helps further express the emotional theme of the song, the guitar parts are especially a delight to listen to.

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