Saturday, 21 September 2013

Scottish singing sensation Holly Drummond is back with her latest EP

Following the success of her previous EP, this talented Scottish Singer/Songwriter has recently released her In The Dark EP, which features 6 tracks.

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These Four Walls is a catchy little melody, even with its sad lyrics.

Cold Outside has a nice smooth instrumental backing track, which is complemented by Holly's gentle vocals.

In The Dark featuring Danny Shah, the combined vocals of Danny and Holly are a delight to the ears and the instrumental arrangement makes this a symphonic masterpiece.

Starting to believe is a lovely and upbeat tune and just as fun to listen to as In The Dark.

Stars is a Semi-haunting melody, this is thanks to Holly's trademark use of the Cello, which is used to positive effect on this EP.

The remixed version of These Four Walls showcases Holly's impressive EDM talents once again, as long term fans may know from her previous releases.

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