Sunday, 7 July 2013

Presenting the smooth voiced Aylin Eser

Quoting from the biography on their official website -

Aylin Eser is a brand new indie band from Melbourne, Australia.

The band consists of Aylin Eser, a smooth voiced vocalist and Will Larsen, who is an award winning producer, film composter and multi instrumentalist.

Here is the Aylin Eser's latest EP titled Arrows Of Desire -

Dancing Shoes is a nice upbeat and positive song with some cool instrumental arrangement.

The vocal parts of Arrows of Desire are slightly overshadowed by the instrumental tracks.

Dolls and Trolls is another upbeat song and its instrumental arrangement is slightly similar to Laura by The Scissor Sisters.

The lyrics of One More Chance are more emotional than the other songs in the EP.

With the exception of Arrows Of Desire, this is a great EP.
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By Boulent Mustafa

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