Tuesday, 30 July 2013

All Round Entertainment at Holborn's Guanabara

On the 19th of August, with doors opening at 7 and the event starting at 8 pm, one of London's exclusive entertainment venues Guanabara, Holborn ( @thisisguanabara ) will host Spotlight.

This is the third event of its kind and the two previous Spotlight events sold out with more than 800 in attendance. Spotlight presents, live music, comedy and poetry all under one roof. 

Tickets retail for £5 for advanced tickets and £8 for standard tickets and can be purchased from here - http://spotlight.fatsoma.com/events/90718/

Here is a video by Linkup TV of the last Spotlight 


The event is hosted by renowned TV / Radio Presenter Remel London ( @Remel_London ), who is part of Linkup TV ( @linkuptv ).

Warm up music for the evening is provided courtesy of DJ Shorty Bless ( @DJshortybless ), visit his website here www.shortybless.com .

Axel The Entertainer  

Travis Jay                     

Aurie Styla                      

Comedy on the night is provided by the funny and talented Axel The Entertainer ( @Diskandjockeypr ), Travis Jay ( @travisjayent ) who performed for 1Xtra's Comedy Club earlier this year and Aurie Styla  ( @auriestyla )  who performed at Brunel University in 2010.

Axel The Entertainer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2my-L6OSxo

Travis Jay - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6tkf6CsvBw
Aurie Styla - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FVLEs6xluM

Music will be provided by three very talented performers.

Carla Jaye ( @carlajayeartist ) who took part in 2012's X-Factor, the cover of Alicia Keys' Woman's Worth she recorded for Linkup TV is sublime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZqONYd0aMQ

Next on the lineup is the underrated but very talented E.B.R.U ( @ebruofficial ) , with powerful vocals and emotive performances that draw you in, this talented lady certainly knows how to keep the audience entertained and keep an eye out for her forthcoming EP.

The last musical act is E.Mak ( @emakonline ) , a very talented rapper with a natural talent for freestyle rap and earlier this year he released his Cool and Conscious mixtape - www.coolconscious.com

There is also poetry as read by lyrically gifted poets Sophia Thakur ( @soundwordsmith ) and Imhotep Oyortey ( @imhotepoyortey ) and to conclude the evening there's a Gameshow courtesy of Jazzie and A Squeezy and also the latest in fashion.

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