Saturday 11 March 2017

Americana captures the spirit and essence of America with beautiful melodies and an eclectic mix of music genres

Americana is Doug Hammer's eleventh release and features 18 tracks which are a musical celebration of how diverse America is whilst paying homage to current or veteran members of the Armed Forces.

The album captures the spirit and essence of what Americana stands for with beautiful melodies, an eclectic mix of music genres, a catchy assortment of instruments and orchestral arrangements which all come together to create something that's truly outstanding as Doug works his musical magic on classic songs of yesteryear.

We are also treated to beautiful vocals with The Good Old Days, Shenandoah and The Water is Wide.

Doug Hammer is a multi award winning Musician/Composer who also lends his hand to the technical side of recording, which includes producing and arranging.

His style is diverse and ranges from contemplative and spacious to animated and dynamic, wih an extensive discography of 11 albums which have resulted in numerous awards including album of the year and #10 best seller on Amazon.

Sunrise rates as one of the top 50 piano songs of all time, this has led to Doug's music getting millions of plays on streaming sites such as Pandora and Spotify plus Doug has experienced the honour of performing at the prestigious New York venue Carnegie Hall.

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