Monday 20 June 2016

This One (High On The Groove) serves up energetic rock beats, upbeat vocals and a uplifting melody

Luna Rose are a four piece from Corby, Northamptonshire who bring an Indie sound that transcends musical genres, so if you're a fan of Kasabian, Tame Impala or The Dandy Warhols then you'll love the guys.

This One (High On The Groove) serves up energetic rock beats, upbeat vocals and a uplifting melody.

Luna Rose took time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions.

1)  How did you get into music in the first place? 

Rory: Boredom really, music was becoming more of an influence and started to take up more time. Naturally drawn to it. 

Kieran: Family I grown up with it I suppose  

2) Who were your musical influences?

Kieran: Ian brown, charlatans, Stephen Malkmus, mike skinner, teenage fanclub.

Rory: Paul Weller, Stone Roses aswell, James Brown, Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix could go on for days!

3) What tunes are currently on repeat on your Mp3 Player?

Kieran: Coops - lost souls  

Rory: Anything by Nas at the minute

4) What’s your life outside of music?

Kieran: Nothing music pretty takes up everything   

Rory: Yeah pretty much, if we arent practising or gigging, we're only working!   

5) If you could collaborate with any singer who would it be?

Kieran:  Lauryn Hill  

Rory: Iggy Pop

6) What’s your favourite genre of music?

Kieran: Electronic Hip-Hop  

Rory: Soul/Motown

7) What’s next for you musically and are there plans for a UK Tour? 

Rory: yeah we're going to try and record another E.P along with videos and a single, hopefully get that and tour it round the UK  

Kieran: I'd love to play somewhere in Europe. 

8) Where do you draw inspiration for your song lyrics?

Rory: Anything and nothing. Just depends what comes out or whats happened that day. What youve seen or heard, or just write complete nonsense. "Whispers on clouded mountains, ringing chimes off in my mind" what does that even mean?!

9) What is your guilty pleasure?


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