Wednesday 13 April 2016

Already Flown is a catchy melody, showcasing unique vocals, up beat lyrics and an eclectic mix of instruments

BareFoot McCoy is an American Singer/Songwriter whose music is characterized by a perfect blend of deeply personal lyrics and distinctive instrumentals; his genres are a unique combination of acoustic, folk rock and blues.

BareFoot spent some time in Kentucky and it was then he not only performed with numerous local folk bands but also mastered both the Banjo and the Merle Travis style of Guitar finger picking; he got his name from Kentucky friends, Chief Rainwater (Cherokee) and Gail Roe.

Already Flown is a catchy pop melody, which showcases BareFoot's unique vocal style, up beat lyrics and an eclectic mix of instruments.

This is the first track from his studio album Bye Bye Bluebird, another track to look out for is the blues flavoured You'll Come Too.

BareFoot's talents transcend his music as the accompanying videos are visual masterpieces as they effortlessly capture the beauty of our surroundings and what nature has to offer, whilst at the same time treating us to his humourous side.

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