Friday, 25 March 2016

Will Your Feelings Change shimmer with a haunting melody and silky smooth vocals

Charise Sowells hails from Oakland and performs as soul sensation Lake Lady, her diverse influences include acts such as Massive Attack and Billie Holiday.

She has toured nationally as lead vocalist / synth player for The Grayson Wray Project, performed at the 2012 Art Outside festival with Dream Pop Group Notsolow and even played in France for the Fete de La Musique (World Music Day) with her groove pop duo Lake Lady and the Mountain Man.

Charise will soon be unveiling her five track EP - Better Day and here is a rundown of what you can expect.

Will Your Feelings Change shimmer with a haunting melody and silky smooth vocals.

All Over This Town showcases Charise's dreamy vocals alongside a gentle tempo.

Be Still My Heart treats us to the pleasant twang of the Ukelele as well as other eclectic instruments which give the song a Spanish feel.

In the footsteps of Will Your Feelings Change, Will He Ever Come has a similar quality to it thanks to the beautiful vocal performance whilst also delivering heavyish beats.

Better Day sees Charise giving the closing track more of a typical Pop / RnB feel to this upbeat melody.

In addition to her music, Charise has worked in other sectors of the entertainment industry, including production assistant on TLC's Randy to the rescue, Managing Director at the La Little Theater in Santa Monica and Editor and Event Planner at the Austin Branch of The Deli Magazine.

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