Friday 15 January 2016

Beautiful and perfectly arranged piano melodies that are perfect to chill out to

Doug Hammer is a multi award winning Pianist, Composer and Producer who has been involved with music since the age of three and began learning how to play the piano at six.

He is educated in contemporary, jazz and classical music and graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, since then he has gained extensive experience all across the board from record production to orchestration and arrangement.

He now runs his own production company DreamWorld productions and has his own studio through which he works on both his various projects for his clients and also produces for artists of various genres.

Doug then moved onto his own music which has won him countless awards and extensive airplay.

He recently released his ninth album Haiku, which features 15 tracks of beautiful and perfectly arranged piano melodies that are perfect to chill out to, these compositions are simply sublime and a real delight to the ears.

In addition to that we also have a belated treat from Doug that's simply exquisite and is the musical embodiment of what Christmas is all about, shame it got stuck in the post.

Christmas Lights is his tenth release and is the follow up to his award winning album Noel, the album features his own interpretation of 17 classic songs as well as his own creation Christmas Lights.

These elegant and magical piano melodies are reworked versions of Christmas carols and classic tunes of yonder year so I can't think of anything better than listening to this on a cold and possibly snowy Christmas Day by a fireplace as you embrace the warmth of a roaring fire, in fact you could be forgiven for thinking that some of these tunes were performed by Jools Holland.

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