Friday 2 October 2015

Vote for Nick Festari to be a Global Rockstar

Global Rockstar is the world's largest online music contest and one of our artists - Nick Festari has entered, he has the chance to win a cash prize of 25.000 US $ plus musical equipment worth 15.000 US $.

Voting is now live so hop over to the link, register and then get voting.- and a big thanks in advance.

Every contest participant must sell something particular so if a fan purchases one thing gives 10 votes to his favorite artist. 

Nick is offering the following

5 songs from his debut EP “This is me… Slower and faster” - featuring Nick as he was composing each song of the album, so you will hear him singing some melody lines whilst playing piano or strumming guitar… or just different instrumentals with his voice whilst searching for a satisfying melody."

- the original work in progress demo track of I WANNA MAKE ME FLY.

- The A CAPPELLA autotuned version of YOU WANNA MAKE ME FLY

- The background vocals of YOU WANNA MAKE ME FLY


- The Don’t Slam The Radio (2013 voice/piano original version) with the original cover art.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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