Thursday 6 August 2015

Nick Festari treats us to 6 tracks of 80s Rock / Electro flavoured tunes

Nick Festari started studying Piano from the age of 9 and at 16 he became one of the organists in his Parish, from there he became part of a choir. He then met two people who believed in his potential and its with them that some of the best Eurobeat Hits were born. 

In 1986 he formed a cover band with friends, during which he was on the keyboard. 1987 saw Nick work with Live Music Studio Owners Claudio Accatino and Federico RImonti and also Dance Producer Mike Farina - where he played arrangements and rhythmics and it was also then that he developed his studio skills.

Nick also joined a Gospel / Christian Rock Band and took part in song writing contests, it was also shortly after that Nick was presented with the opportunity to introduce his music to a Japanese Audience and shortly after Nick was writing songs for Hi-Nrg Attack - a label founded by Claudio and Federico.

Summer 2013 saw Nick take a chance and leave Eurobeat, the Dance scenes and Hi-Nrg Attack to make his mark in Pop Music and his recently released EP This Is Me Slower And Faster is the start of that.

You Wanna Make Me Fly (I Know You Belong To A Dream) serves up catchy pop beats, a beautiful piano arrangement and an old school 80s pop feel.

Wings Of An Angel has a gentler feel to it as Nick entertains us with a beautiful ballad.

The Song I Wrote For You is a fast paced number with supercharged electro beats and captivating verses.

Don't Throw The Dice delivers a orchestra style instrumental arrangement, hats off to the violin and piano segments.and also a powerful vocal performance by Nick, the song then transitions into a rock number with slick guitar riffs.

There Will Be No Prize serves up energetic beats, powerful lyrics and outstanding vocals.

Don't Slam The Radio concludes this delightful EP with a heartfelt tune, which treats us to a mesmerizing rock flavoured melody.

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