Sunday, 30 June 2013

Be On The Scene with Sunrize

The recently formed double act Sunrize entered themselves into a music contest organised by Be On The Scene. Sunrize are made up of my cousin Sheryl Mehmet on vocals and Lea Rogers on Guitars, in addition to the pair another 14 acts had entered the contest. The organisers are the first online talent community who truly focus on promoting their members, Sunrize had previously performed at their March event. 

This national contest would consist of four rounds, each of which would last a week. In the first round Sunrize gained and held onto the lead from quite early on, the second round was a bit more tense, the duo were in the top three for the first half of voting but towards the end of this round they managed to leap frog into first place.

In the third round they mirrored the performance from the first round and rocketed into the lead.  This success was down to an army of voters from all across the globe including a few celebrities such as Rhoda Montemayor and also Kelly-Marie Stewart and Saira Choudhry, both of which are Hollyoaks alumni.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first three rounds they secured a place in the final round, the final round consisted of just 4 entrants. It's a pity that some of the entrants got voted out in the earlier rounds, but I would like to wish them the best of luck with their musical endeavours.

The final round was a fierce battle between Tony Goff and Sunrize, as both vied for the first place. The artist in the top spot would change daily and as the contest drew to a close Be On The Scene made things interesting by hiding the votes and randomizing the order of acts, plus although voting closed Sunday night the winner wasn't announced till 3 pm on Monday.

The results of the final round were as follows: Tony Goff - 3898, Sunrize 3247, Tom Lukas 1091 and Tom Price-Stephens 403. Overall Sunrize gained the most votes, its just in the last round  that voting momentum was unfortunately lost.

As a result of  continued success throughout the contest, Sunrize were given the opportunity to perform at the event alongside Tom Lukas, Becky Holloway, Sample Answer and the winner Tony Goff.

Sunrize performed five songs: My one temptation by Mica Paris , Boogie Oogie Oogie by a Taste of Honey , Just Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae , Apparently Nothing by Young Disciples and Thinking of you by Sister Sledge. Sheryl's smooth vocals and Lea's talented guitar playing kept the crowd enthused.

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