Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Introducing Lilman Lentz

Wanna Be Free -

Lilman Lentz is a 22 year old UK Based Rapper/Trapper, he has a strong vocal range and is also a lyrical wizard, plus his use constant use of the piano brings a different vibe to his music.

Wanna Be Free is a lyrically powerful tune and is accompanied by a brilliant instrumental arrangement and Anna Leiya's sweet vocals compliment Lilman Lentz perfectly.

His Cold As Ice mixtape was released at the end of March and features 16 powerful tracks.

No competition features a catchy instrumental intro and some snappy and socially relevant lyrics.

Man Wanna Dun me is a vocally powerful song with a smooth melodic arrangement, especially the piano.

Grey Sky has appealing backing vocals and a tune that's guaranteed to get your head bopping.

Let It Go features emotional lyrics and the guest vocalist has a unique vocal style.

Dreams is more like a poem then an actual song, but its still well worth the listen.

Bail is a appealing tune with its pleasant choice of instruments and thought provoking lyrics.

Bang Bang Bang features a backing track you would expect to come across from an orchestral performance.

I love the use of sax on Realist.

Lilman Lentz's sampling and reinterpretation of M.O.P's Cold as Ice is an inspired idea.

The mix tape features an assortment of tracks with powerful lyrics that make you think and are accompanied by first class production values and a great choice of instruments.

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