Thursday, 1 August 2013

Featuring Fola

Eternity -

Fola is a R and B / Pop Singer/Songwriter with soulful vocals, on the 25th of June he released his free mixtape After Green

After Green contains 8 tracks, a review of which you can read below.

I miss you part 1 is a moving song about heartbreak, Fola's lyrics emotionally impact the listener.

I miss you part 2 is about getting over a breakup even if it isn't, Fola easily succeeds in making the lyrics seem real by using his voice to bring emotion to relevant verses.

Open the Gates - Fola provides us with a strip backed and acoustic version of his classic track and his harmonious melodies compliment his mastery of the guitar.

Don't Judge Me / Diamonds Medley - Fola entertains us with a cool medley of Chris Brown's Don't Judge Me and Rihanna's Diamonds and he does a spectacular job in adding his own trademark vocal style to these songs.

Swagback is a catchy number and even with the tone of its lyrics, it tries to maintain a positive and upbeat melody.

Together, starts with a lively intro and merges into positive lyrics and an upbeat instrumental arrangement.

Open the Gates has a fast paced intro and the vocals and instrumentals merge well with one another creating an enjoyable tune.

Round and Round, Fola has a natural knack when it comes to harmonizing.

All in all After Green is a mixtape well worth downloading and listening to.

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