Sunday, 28 July 2013

Introducing Over The Effect

Over The Effect are a 3 piece Rock band from Atlanta with a love of musical genres ranging from 90s rock to prog to Jazz and what's more they produce and release their own music.

They were formed about a year ago and are currently focused on their 5th EP, which they hope to release in September.

Ashley Barker is on vocals and guitar and Aaron Kamphuis is on bass and drums. Ashley's amazing vocals and Aaron's mastery of the bass guitar are outstanding and now after a long search they finally found a permanent drummer to join their ranks.

Aaron who is also a trained engineer met with Ashley after Aaron helped him on one of his previous projects, after this project came to a natural conclusion the two of them started writing their own material.

Their current EP is In Plain View, which was released on 20 June features five amazing tracks.
Each track can be classed as a musical masterpiece thanks to the band's amazing rapport.

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