Tuesday 17 March 2015

Sergeant Buzfuz beautifully blend instruments and Joe's smooth vocals to create beautiful melodies

Sergeant Buzfuz are a seven piece South London based band and they are led by Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Joe Murphy, who specializes in Pop, Post Punk and Folk which he listened to whilst growing up in Sheffield.

The band were formed in 2002 and in addition to Joe their current lineup is as follows - 
Willie Barr - Mandolin, Ian Button - Drums, Joss Cope - Bass, Stu Crane - Cigar Box Guitar, Polly Maclean - B Vox and Eilish McCracken - Violin/Whistle/Flute and Piano.

To date they have released five albums with the sixth album - Balloons For Thin Linda due out this year plus they have appeared live on BBC 6 Sessions both on Marc Riley and Tom Robinson's shows.

Balloons For Thin Linda is the followup to their highly rated album from 2012 - Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself, after listening to their forthcoming album its instantly apparent why their music is so loved - they are experts at fusing together instruments to create outstanding melodies.

Move, Carmelita is a musical delight to the ears, thanks to the beautiful blend of instrumentals and Joe's smooth vocals.

Infinite Kingdom uses beautiful melodic beats to take a quirky but long overdue look at history and also the current state of affairs both in the UK and also overseas.

S6 Girls is a "comical" song about Essex Girls.

House Of Spirits sees Sergeant Buzfuz deliver beautiful vocals, a cool mix of instrumental beats and delightful lyrics.

Balloons For Thin Linda is a catchy melody which is first class all across the musical board from the instrumental arrangement to the vocals to the lyrics.

Things You Need entertains with the wonderful sounds of the instruments that Sergeant Buzfuz use to create their upbeat music.

Gold Feelings uses lyrics and smooth melodies to convey a beautiful and uplifting story.

Despite the heartfelt and jovial vibe of Danny's Room, the story that's told is sad and heartbreaking.

Molly's Bar is a quirky song and the influence of Joe's Irish ancestry is instantly apparent.

Truth And Lies concludes album number six with a eclectic mix of beautiful instruments and powerful vocals.

Website - http://www.sergeantbuzfuz.com/
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/sergeantbuzfuz

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