Wednesday 11 March 2015

Monsieur Doumani are from Cyprus and their music is a modern reworking of Cypriot Folk Music

Monsieur Doumani are a trio from Nicosia, Cyprus and are made up of Antonis Antoniou on the Tzouras (A Small Scale Bouzouki), Angelos Ianos on Guitar and Demetris Yiasemides on Wind Instruments.

The Trio's foray into music began in 2011 and their music is a reworking of Cypriot Folk Music but with a modern day feel to it.

Sikoses is their second album and whilst I might not be able to understand the lyrics, the 13 tracks are superbly produced and the instrumentals are first class.

Gongs features a delightful blend of instruments.

The Bland has a bit of a somber vibe to it but the flute arrangement is simply beautiful.

The Suitcase has a more pop feel to it thanks to the upbeat guitar track.

SIkoses features powerful vocals and a first class blend of instrumental beats.

A Beating is another catchy tune with a superb fusion of instruments.

That's What The Kitten Wants entertains us with a catchy instrumental arrangement.

Black-Eyed Girl's vocals have a barber shop quartet feel to them and the song's melody is exquisite and a real masterpiece.

Despite the misleading title Dissonant Judgement is a quirkly and upbeat track especially where the melody is concerned.

The Popeyes dazzles us with a catchy instrumental arrangement.

Mandra has a summery vibe to it and this melody will guarantee to get you in the dancing mood, except for perhaps the up tempo segment.

The Pert Breast has more of a modern feel to it, thanks to a delightful melodic arrangement - particularly the stringed segments.

Good Tidings has a slightly Middle Eastern influence to it and both vocally and lyrically the song has a somber feel to it.

A Wee One features the beautiful vocals of a guest vocalist, the icing on the cake for this bonus track which wraps up this album.

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