Monday, 3 March 2014

The Rocking Sound of The Jackobins

Prussia is every rock fan's dream, with killer instrumentals, powerful vocals and addictive beats ahoy.

Prussia is also the lead single of the band's recently released EP.

The Jackobins will soon be hitting the road for their summer tour where they will not only be headlining, but will also be supporting popular musicians.

The Band's first video went viral and physical copies of their EP sold out practically over night and its not hard to see why.

With energetic beats and ground shaking vocals, The Jackobins are certainly in a class of their own and with such a well produced EP the only way from here is up, up, up.

After listening to their EP, I can guarantee their forthcoming tour will leave you wanting more from these guys and How Do You Face Life shows they can also drop a gear or two for mellow tunes.

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