Sunday, 23 June 2013

Introducing Carelle

Just One Soldier is a taste of what you can expect from Under My Skin -

Carelle is a rather talented country musician with an amazing voice plus she also writes her own lyrics.

Her EP is available to download from

There are 6 tracks on the EP and below is a short review of each track.

Locked Up Dreamer is a nice upbeat and positive song.

Although When I Turn Away has a slower pace to Locked Up Dreamer, it's still a great song.

Under My Skin is a very catchy song with some great lyrics, this is my favourite song from the EP of the same name.

Centre of your World is a nice song with a great instrumental arrangement.

Lazy Little Brain is a tune with a great melody and it also has some cool and relevant lyrics.

Carelle's powerful vocal talents are in the forefront of Runs Home, which is the last track on this wonderful EP.

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