Friday 25 November 2016

New Age Drifter treats us to fresh sounds, wonderful lyrics and unique vocals

RoseRed and the Butterflies are a Folk Rock / Alternative band from North London with Singer-Songwriter / Guitarist Lydia Nicolaides at their helm.

The musical duo which also consists of Doug Currie on Cello have just unveiled their latest album New Age Drifter, which features 12 outstanding musical gems for our ears to savour.

The album treats us to fresh sounds, wonderful lyrics and unique vocals with notable tracks such as River Flows, Tickle My Feet, Fire In The Rain, Surreal, Around You and Lovers Fool.

River Flows kicks off musical proceedings with a quirky number which sees Lydia's vocals dazzle us alongside a delightful melody.

New Age Drifter treats us to an eclectic medley of instrumental melodies, electronic beats and pleasant vocals from the Queen of the pixies.

Tickle My Feet serves up a melody that is best described as joy in a musical form, with lyrics that are almost poetic in their delivery.

Fire In The Rain entertains us with soothing vocals which give life to thought provoking verses including a catchy chorus alongside a gentle melody.

Shadow Dance has an orchestral feel to it and when combined with Lydia's superb vocal performance gives a uniqueness to this track.

Surreal sees RoseRed opt for a more Rock and Roll feel for the tempo and instrumental arrangement.

Around You serves up a catchy pop tune and inspirational verses from RoseRed and the Butterflies.

True has more of a unplugged feel to it thanks to a slower tempo on the vocal side of things and also minimal instrumentals.

For You brings catchy percussion hooks into the mix and when combined with the haunting sounds of the cello and those trademark vocals means only one thing that we are in for a melodic treat.

Lovers Fool is another jewel in the musical crown that is New Age Drifter thanks to captivating melodic hooks and those oh so delightful vocals.

You Are Is a gentle ballad with beautiful lyrics which radiate love with every verse and when intertwined with a slow melody lead to something magical.

End Of The Line wraps up 12 tracks of out of this world Pixie Pop with sad lyrics and a minimal instrumental arrangement, as a music lover I would have preferred for the album to come to a close with a more up tempo song.

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